John F. Lindner

Selected Software

For other scientific and educational software, visit The College of Wooster Computational Physics Project.
BZ Screenshot BZ
J. Lindner
BeadPile Screenshot Bead Pile
L. Markley, T. Gilliss, J. Lindner
ThreeBody Screenshot 3-Body
J. Lindner
Hydrogen Screenshot Hydrogen
J. Lindner, D. Colladay, A. McMullen
Grid Screenshot Grid
S. Hughes, J. Lindner
ChaoticFlows Screenshot Chaotic Flows
J. Lindner, B. Prusha, J. Bozeday
1996-1997, 2000
ChaoticSphere Screenshot Chaotic Sphere
J. Lindner, M. Hunter, J. Neff
1993-1994, 1998
IC4D Screenshot IC4D
S. Hughes, J. Fagans, J. Lindner
1992-1993, 1999
CBall Screenshot C-Ball
A. Lytle, T. Taczak, J. Lindner
1990-1991, 2001